Different days, different things I saw

14 Apr
Instagram candy shot

Just an experiment/illustration of the way Instagram-style vintage effects make even a simple picture of an ordinary object seem interesting and nostalgic.


This is the stream in the woods nearby where I walk my dog a few times a week.

This was a throwaway shot until I played with it in iPhoto and really turned up the greens. Then I kind of liked it.


Part of an Easter bouquet.

I keep taking pictures with my iPhone instead of my DSLR or even my decent point-and-shoot. It doesn't always take great shots, but sometimes it's really surprising.


The first time hitting live pitching rather than off a tee. It was kind of a big deal.

At first I thought that you couldn't see the bat because it wasmoving too fast for the iPhone camera. I also thought that was the ball coming off the bat. As it turns out, neither was true. The bat is actually pointing right at the camera, making it only seem to disappear. And the ball wasn't coming off the bat. It was just about to make contact. The ball ended up in centerfield a half-second later.


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