Week 19: Distinct outings

9 Jun
Bouncy castle

I like this one because you can’t tell it was shot through a black screen. The fact that he wasn’t looking kind of adds to the “tumbling kid” effect, I thought. And bouncy castles are always very colorful, which makes for nice pictures.

bouncy slide

This was taken at the same place as the other bouncy castle shot. I had to peek under a canvas flap and shoot kind of wildly, hoping for the best as he went down the slide. I like the color and the symmetry as well as the blurred effect.


A little while after the bouncy castles, the kids went down to the gym and one of the activities there was the zip line. I tracked him as he zipped along, using a telephoto lens. I got off three good shots in succession and hoped to splice them together, but I don’t have a good program for doing that.

We visited a local shrine built, in part, by the family of my wife’s co-worker. They were Italian immigrants who funded, built and still own the property and the nonprofit that runs it. They had a family reunion and gave us tours. Italian Catholics like their statues.

Sometimes a shot just falls in front of you. This is a partial shadow of a larger-than-life-sized crucifixion display. The cross casting the shadow stood 15 feet high, I’d estimate. It was just about noon on a bright summer day. Not something you see every day.


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