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Scenes from a weekend

29 Sep

I shot this out a car window from the New Jersey Turnpike. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either.

Self-explanatory. The sun was just cooperating.

This was about mile 4 of 5 that day. No where to go on either side but into the water. So I followed that guy up ahead until someone said stop.

He did most of the work. I was just glad I got there in time with my camera.

These are just a couple of co-workers. We were at a pinball museum on the boardwalk at Asbury Park, N.J. It was pretty cool.


The kind of pictures you take after you’ve returned from a two-week vacation of picture taking

4 Aug

We were told we needed to submit new photos for our work IDs. I think this is the one I submitted. That building has since been abandoned.

I’m not sure what’s going on here. That flag became the toy of the week for some reason. Then it wasn’t. My son always cocks his head to one side when he poses for pictures.

This looks like a good candidate for one of those “Caption the Photo” contests.

Week 19: Distinct outings

9 Jun
Bouncy castle

I like this one because you can’t tell it was shot through a black screen. The fact that he wasn’t looking kind of adds to the “tumbling kid” effect, I thought. And bouncy castles are always very colorful, which makes for nice pictures.

bouncy slide

This was taken at the same place as the other bouncy castle shot. I had to peek under a canvas flap and shoot kind of wildly, hoping for the best as he went down the slide. I like the color and the symmetry as well as the blurred effect.


A little while after the bouncy castles, the kids went down to the gym and one of the activities there was the zip line. I tracked him as he zipped along, using a telephoto lens. I got off three good shots in succession and hoped to splice them together, but I don’t have a good program for doing that.

We visited a local shrine built, in part, by the family of my wife’s co-worker. They were Italian immigrants who funded, built and still own the property and the nonprofit that runs it. They had a family reunion and gave us tours. Italian Catholics like their statues.

Sometimes a shot just falls in front of you. This is a partial shadow of a larger-than-life-sized crucifixion display. The cross casting the shadow stood 15 feet high, I’d estimate. It was just about noon on a bright summer day. Not something you see every day.

Different days, different things I saw

14 Apr
Instagram candy shot

Just an experiment/illustration of the way Instagram-style vintage effects make even a simple picture of an ordinary object seem interesting and nostalgic.


This is the stream in the woods nearby where I walk my dog a few times a week.

This was a throwaway shot until I played with it in iPhoto and really turned up the greens. Then I kind of liked it.


Part of an Easter bouquet.

I keep taking pictures with my iPhone instead of my DSLR or even my decent point-and-shoot. It doesn't always take great shots, but sometimes it's really surprising.


The first time hitting live pitching rather than off a tee. It was kind of a big deal.

At first I thought that you couldn't see the bat because it wasmoving too fast for the iPhone camera. I also thought that was the ball coming off the bat. As it turns out, neither was true. The bat is actually pointing right at the camera, making it only seem to disappear. And the ball wasn't coming off the bat. It was just about to make contact. The ball ended up in centerfield a half-second later.

Week three ‘…for lack of a theme’

18 Feb

Across the water

Geese over high rises

Twirl in sunlight