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December and Whatnot

14 Dec


Snowy morning



Mount Timpanogos Temple at night



View of the Salt Lake Valley



The usual crowd at Mount Olivet



You meet the best people at stoplights…..



Best Christmas lights ever? I can’t really say, but yes.


Worth The Trip

6 Oct

Setting up tents on a foggy morning.

Somewhere in Maryland…..

A big, buried guy at National Harbor.

Salt Lake Tabernacle

Assembly Hall

Cascade Springs

The Week That Was

11 Aug

Matheson Courthouse Rotunda

Lotus Hindu Temple

Deer Valley




Wasatch Back 2: The Ragnar-ing

16 Jun

Honey Buckets, or “The Blue Box That’s Definitely Not Bigger on the Inside”


Exchange 32, 7AM

Why not?

Headed to Guardsman.

It’s no “One Mile To Go” sign, but it’ll do.

Saturday evening, and the last of the teams make their way through.

A Week in the Wasatch Back

21 Apr

View from Memorial Hill

One of the Gingerbread Houses on Main


Lethie's House

Sunset over Midway

Ski Lift

Week Four – Road Trip

25 Feb

Red Cliffs

Silo? Sure. Let’s go with that.

Canyon Trail